Liposuction May Reduce Pain in Dercum’s Disease: Pain was evaluated in 53 patients with Dercum’s disease that had been operated on with liposuction. As controls, 58 nonoperated subjects with Dercum’s disease and 41 obese abdominoplasty patients were followed for 5 years. The results suggest that liposuction might alleviate pain in patients with Dercum’s disease. However, it is difficult to determine whether the effect is due to the actual surgery or to other factors.

Thermal and vibratory thresholds after liposuction in patients with Dercum’s disease:  Postoperative sensory change after liposuction is a well-known side effect, and probably caused by mechanical trauma to the nerves. The aim of this investigation was to find out whether the thermal and sensory sensation changed after liposuction in patients with Dercum’s disease. The thermal and vibratory thresholds were examined preoperatively, and three and 12 months after, liposuction in 39 affected patients. There were only small differences in thermal and vibratory thresholds three and 12 months after liposuction compared with preoperatively, and none of these was statistically significant.

Liposuction in Dercum’s disease. Clinical studies regarding Dercum’s disease and the effect of liposuction (PDF):

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