Pelvic Lipomatosis

Pelvic lipomatosis is a rare disorder where fat tissue deposition is observed in spaces of the pelvic area, causing extrinsic compression of the bladder, rectum and blood vessels.

Pelvic lipomatosis might represent a variant of Dercum’s disease.

The clinical manifestations result from the extrinsic compression of the structures comprising the urinary system, the lower intestinal tract and the vascular system. Thus, the occurrence of dysuria, pollakiuria, nocturia, hematuria (less frequently), urgency, urinary incontinence and retention, besides repeated urological infections may be observed. Equally, constipation, tenesmus, diarrhea, lower limbs edema and thrombophlebitis, low back pain, suprapubic and perineal pain, painful ejaculation, epidydimitis and orchitis may be observed.

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