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Adipose Tissue Dysfunction

It has been proposed that Dercum’s disease is a local defect in lipid metabolism [1]. An investigation [1] of fatty acid biosynthesis in two patients with Dercum’s disease suggested that there might be a deficit in the formation of monounsaturated fatty acids in subjects affected by the disease. However, contradictory findings were revealed in another study, comprised …

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Endocrine Dysfunction

Originally, Dercum [1] attributed the disease to an endocrine dysfunction, as he found atrophy of the thyroid gland. Similarly, Waldorp [2] proposed that the disease is caused by hypophyseal dysfunction. Furthermore, Winkelman and Eckel [3] reviewed 16 autopsies of patients affected with Dercum’s disease and noted varying abnormalities in different endocrine organs. In their study, the pituitary …

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Nervous System Dysfunction

It has been suggested that the autonomous nervous system mediates pain in Dercum’s disease[1]. The theory is supported in that, even though the sympathetic nervous system is efferent, sympathectomy sometimes relieves pain in neuropathic pain, where evidence of damage to neural structures exists [2]. This has been explained by the formation of abnormal connections between autonomic …

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